Ford Escape Dashboard Light Guide

Ford Escape

Ford wants to make it as easy as possible for you to identify the service your vehicle needs. One of the ways Ford does this is by installing helpful, accurate dashboard lights into each model. If a light appears while you're driving around Williamsburg, West Point, and King William, you'll know that a specific service is required. But what do all these symbols mean? For folks with a Ford Escape, our Dashboard Light guide will be your go-to for learning about these various symbols.

If one of the symbols in our guide matches what you see lit up in your Ford Escape, come by the West Point Ford Service Center!

Anti-Lock Braking System

Ford ServiceFirst up is the anti-lock braking system, a warning which appears along the dashboard of your Ford Escape as the letters 'ABS' inside a circle.

Anti-locking brakes are separate from your standard brakes, but they still provide reassuring traction and require service if this light appears.

Battery Light

The battery light is a pretty straightforward symbol, appearing as a small battery with a plus sign in the top right corner, and minus sign in the top left.

Batteries need to be replaced over time. So, if this light appears, heading to a service center is the proper move.

Brake System

If the traditional brakes in your Escape begin to malfunction is some way, you'll see an exclamation point inside a circle appear on the dash.

Brakes are of vital importance to your SUV and require immediate professional attention if they begin to act up.

Service Center

Engine Coolant Temperature

In certain instances, the engine oil of your vehicle may begin to overheat. If that's the case, you'll see the engine coolant temperature symbol-which means a visit to the shop is needed. The symbol looks like a floating signpost with three notches jutting out to the right!

Engine Oil

West Point FordIn addition to overheating, sometimes the oil in your engine will run low or start leaking. For the Escape, keep an eye out for a little oil can symbol which is leaking at the top. That means your motor oil is experiencing some defect and should be checked.

Tire Pressure Warning

Each of your four tires are individually monitored by your Escape. If one or more of them begin to go flat, you'll see the low tire pressure warning light, which appears as an exclamation point inside a horseshoe.

If this symbol pops up, you can fill the tires with air yourself. If you find that the light quickly pops back up, though, it's best to stop by the shop, as a continual leak may be present in one or more of your wheels!

Service Your Ford Escape at Our Shop

In the end, your Ford Escape is going to need some service as you travel from West Point to King William to Williamsburg. Thankfully, its dashboard lights will keep you in tune with what service you need.

If any warning symbol does appear, contact West Point Ford, or book a visit to our shop with our online tool!