Ford Dashboard Light Guide

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There's a lot that goes into the servicing and overall care of your vehicle. As the miles begin to rack up around West Point, King William, and Williamsburg, you should be stopping into the shop for regular inspections. Sometimes your model may require a specific and unexpected form of service, though. How do you know when that's the case? Typically you'll be alerted by a light that pops up on your dashboard.

At West Point Ford, we often answer questions about dashboard lights and what they mean. So we thought a dashboard light guide would come in handy for anyone with a Ford model!

Ford Escape Dashboard Light Guide

Ford Explorer Dashboard Light Guide Ford F-150 Dashboard Light Guide

Ford F-250 Dashboard Light Guide

Understanding Dashboard Lights

Service CenterThe purpose of any dashboard light is to alert the person behind the wheel of some service need. The light typically shows a small image relating to some aspect of your car such as the battery, the headlights, the tires, or the windshield wipers.

The links we've put on this page will give you a full rundown of what each light means in your particular Ford model. Along with telling you what the light indicates, our guides will also tell you how to remedy the situation.

How Should You Address a Dashboard Light?

If you're driving along smoothly and see a strange light appear on your dashboard, your model may not require immediate care but you should treat the light with seriousness.

The best thing to do is look to our dashboard light guides or check your owner's manual and see what the light indicates. Certain needs will require immediate attention, but most lights won't hinder your car to the point where you need pull over and wait for assistance. Either way, it's good to know what a light means.

Rely on Our Ford Dashboard Light Guide!

Our dashboard light guide should be a useful resource for anyone driving a Ford model around King William, Williamsburg, or West Point. If you look to our guide and find that the light on your dashboard requires immediate attention, use the online scheduling tool to book your visit at the West Point Ford Service Center!