Ford Explorer Dashboard Light Guide

2020 Ford Explorer

There are a number of ways your Ford Explorer will let you know service is needed as you're driving around West Point, King William, and Williamsburg. Typically it comes back to the dashboard where a symbol may pop up if you have a flat tire, need to replace the oil, or need to let the engine cool down. Our Ford Explorer dashboard light guide is a handy way to identify what each symbol means.

If you find your SUV is showing one of the symbols we touch on in this guide, come to the West Point Ford Service Center!

Anti-Lock Braking System

2020 Ford Explorer TechnologyWhile separate from your standard brakes, the anti-lock braking system is just as vital to the safety of your Ford Explorer. If you see the letters ABS inside of a circle, inside of a parenthesis, you know your anti-lock brakes are malfunctioning.


Your car battery can either be running low on juice or simply not working in the proper fashion. Either way, you'll want to stop by a service shop to have the battery replaced or repaired. You'll know something is up with your battery if you see a small battery light pop up with a plus sign in the top right corner and a minus sign in the top left.

Brake System

The brake system that engages each time you step on the brake pedal is represented on your dashboard by an exclamation point inside of a circle, inside of a parenthesis. If this symbol pops up, you'll quickly want to have your brakes looked at by a professional.

Engine Overheating

2020 Ford Explorer MaintenanceIf you're driving a lot, especially on hot days, your engine may begin to overheat. The dashboard symbol will appear as a thermometer and indicates you should shut off the engine and let it rest so it has the chance to cool down.

Engine Oil

If the motor oil under your hood is beginning to run low or is starting to wear down due to over usage, you'll see a small, leaking oil can appear on the dashboard of your Ford Explorer. Changing the oil is a quick and easy process at our service shop!

Low Tire Pressure

Your tires can begin to lose their inflation for any number of reasons. If one of your Ford Explorer tires falls below the recommended PSI, you'll see a symbol that looks like an exclamation point inside of horseshoe.

You can certainly fill your own tires with air until the light disappears. If you fill your tires and the light quickly comes back on after driving for a few miles, it means there may be a leak in your tire and you should have it patched at a service shop!

Understand Your Ford Explorer Dashboard Light Guide

The Ford Explorer is a hearty traveler that you can rely on around West Point, King William, and Williamsburg. The SUV will also tell you when a service is needed through these handy dashboard lights. When one of the symbols appears for you, you can quickly book a visit online to the West Point Ford Service Center!