Ford F-150 Dashboard Light Guide

Ford F-150 Dashboard Light Guide West Point, VA

Ford models do what they can to make your life around West Point, King William, and Williamsburg easier. A prime example would be the Ford F-150 dashboard symbols, which pop up when a certain part of the truck is malfunctioning or needs attention. The sooner you are able to identify the part and have it inspected or replaced, the sooner your F-150 can return to peak performance. At West Point Ford, we want to help you identify these symbols, which is what our Ford F-150 dashboard light guide is all about!

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Anti-Lock Braking System, Braking System

Service CenterThe anti-locking brakes of your Ford F-150 are separate from the standard brakes, yet the two do work in unison to help the truck come to a complete halt. There are two symbols to know for each of these specific systems:

  • The anti-lock braking dashboard light will appear as the letters ABS inside of a circle, inside of a parenthesis.
  • The brake system light will appear on your F-150 dashboard as an exclamation point inside of a circle, inside of a parenthesis.


Car Battery Symbol

In any model, the car battery is going to play a vital role in starting the vehicle, providing you access to any electronic features and much more. For the 2020 F-150, the battery light symbol on the dashboard looks exactly like a small battery, with a plus sign in the top right corner and a minus symbol in the top left.

Engine Coolant Temperature

Keeping your Ford F-150 engine cool, especially as you ask your truck to tow heavy trailers in warm weather, is key to overall performance. If the engine is beginning to overheat, you merely need to pull off to the side of the road for awhile and give it some time to cool off. The symbol for the engine coolant temperature is a floating signpost with three distinct notches jutting out to the right.

Engine Motor Oil


The motor oil of your truck serves the purpose of lubricating engine components, keeping the engine cool, and collecting dirt and debris. With the F-150, you'll be alerted to worn down or low motor oil by a leaking oil can.

Tire Pressure

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The low tire pressure warning light that appears on the dashboard of the F-150 is going to look like an exclamation point inside of a horseshoe. If you see the light appear, you can quickly fill one of your tires to the appropriate PSI level. If you do this and the light quickly reappears after driving a few miles, you may have a tire leak. At our service shop, we can easily patch the leak for you!

Address F-150 Dashboard Lights at Our Service Shop

You can quickly stay on top of needed Ford F-150 services by identifying any dashboard lights that pop up and then bringing your truck to West Point Ford. With our staff, technology, and tools, we'll have your model back on the streets of West Point, King William, and Williamsburg right away!