Ford F-250 Dashboard Light Guide

West Point Ford Service

Keeping up to date with mechanical needs that may spring up over time is part of being a responsible truck owner. If you've been putting your Ford F-250 to work around the King William, Williamsburg, and West Point areas, our Ford F-250 dashboard light guide is going to be a useful resource.

What our guide does is lay out a variety of symbols you may see appear on the dashboard of your hearty truck. Once a symbol does pop up, you can use our guide to identify its meaning and then book a visit online to our West Point Ford Service Center!

Truck Battery

Service CenterThe heavy-duty battery of the Ford F-250 is responsible for helping your truck start, powering any electronical features, and much more. Over time, the battery may begin to wear down or malfunction. If this happens, your Ford F-250 dashboard light will appear as a small battery, with a plus sign in the top right corner and a minus symbol in the top left corner.

Braking System

The brakes of your Ford F-250 are large, sturdy, and tasked with stopping ten of thousands of pounds from high speeds. The more you use the brakes, the more likely they are to start wearing down. If you see an exclamation point inside of a circle, inside of a parenthesis, it suggests your brakes are improperly functioning. You'll immediately want to take your truck into the shop if this occurs, as brakes are vital for safety.

Engine Coolant Temperature

The harder you work your F-250 engine, the hotter the engine is going to become. If the engine reaches a certain temperature, a light will appear on the dashboard which looks like a floating thermometer with three notches jutting to the right. Your engine may simply need some time to cool off if this light appears.

Engine Oil

West Point Ford ServiceThe engine oil or motor oil of your truck is tasked with keeping the engine cool and lubricating various parts. If you're low on motor oil, you may see a leaking oil can symbol appear on your dashboard.

Check Engine Light

One of the most universal symbols, the check engine light looks like a small engine on the dashboard of your F-250. The light can relate to any number of minor service requirements, so it's good to bring your truck into a shop for an inspection.

Low Tire Pressure

The exclamation point inside of the horseshoe denotes a tire low on air. If the symbol appears in your Ford F-250, you can quickly fill the tire up yourself. If the light is a continual occurrence even after filling up your tire, you may have a leak that we can quickly patch up at our shop.

Keep Your Ford F-250 Running Smoothly

The strength of the F-250 makes it a widely popular option around Williamsburg, King William, and West Point. If you're enjoying your F-250 and see a warning symbol pop up on your dashboard, use our helpful guide to determine its meaning and if you need to, book a visit to our West Point Ford Service Shop!